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Perhaps that's because of the lack of pub Date tag or incorrect guid tag. I think the GUID is generated from the link parameter. Have you looked at Feedity - for creating custom RSS feeds.

So it is important to have a unique url for each feed item. It's like Pipes, but much easier to use, and in fact works well within Pipes as well.

What we overlooked in that piece was the limitation of not being able to add a campaign ID to the feed.

For obvious reasons this meant the new functionality, while impressive, was of little use to e PN Publishers.

As a result, one of our product managers took some time to find an interim solution and we’re excited to share it with you.

It involves the use of a third-party tool and it should be approached with a “beta” mindset.

Read this fascinating story for keen insights into digital transformation. Pipe to a news site but the feedless source doesn't have a date/time for each item. Pipes rewrites the guid, it will work, because Yahoo!My RSS doesn't works very well: each update makes the RSS Reader, Google Reader for instance, to mark all readed items as unreaded again. Pipes converts your guid text into a hash value, that do not is modified until the text is modified.Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join today! The data’s there if you look for it, but no one has time to dig through it all just to find that one thing you need."It's far more efficient to read our app reviews this way than having to remember to go to each store often and parsing through the reviews." So whether you're tracking user reviews for your app, traffic reports for your morning commute or notifications for new episodes on Netflix, RSS can deliver a wide range of new items to you.


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