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I’ve been slacking off a lot with stuff around the house.

pushing off everything that should be done and needed to be done, with that being said, here starts my journey to home renovations.

Your days – or rather, – of groping through the dark to find light switches are over.

With its tiny built-in LED, Leviton's Acenti® switch with LED locator looks like a standard wall switch during the day, but provides a pinpoint of blue light that will guide you to it in the dark – no fumbling required. Whoever said that light switches don't deserve to be beautifully framed?

Any reason the home page is the only page that has this issue?

git stash No local changes to save ran brew upgrade the thing is I don't have py3cairo installed py3cairo: stable 1.10.0 Not installed From: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/blob/master/Library/Formula/py3== Dependencies Build: pkg-config ✔ Required: cairo ✔ Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance. Warning: Could not create link for homebrew/x11/py3cairo, as it conflicts with Homebrew/homebrew/py3cairo.

BRUH automation has created a tutorial video explaining how to upgrade Home Assistant.

As long as the sensor detects body movement and knows that the room is occupied, the lights stay on.Not only is Walmart changing their shipping services so that they no longer offer free-shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required, but they are upping their free-shipping threshold to a whopping .This does seem to be the standard minimum threshold that most retailers offer, but to go from having no minimum to seems like a bit of an unfair jump.However, his new company did fill out an employer declaration last week (printed from section 12 of the EEA FM form), and I typed up a cover letter and was going to send these along with his P45 from former employer; I had called the UKVI EU helpline to get the postal address.However, just as I was about to take it to the Post Office on Friday, I received a decision letter from the Home Office saying I will get my residence card within 10 working days. Which changes need to be reported to the Home Office, now that they have made the decision and I will get my residence card?Hello, I'm a USA national married to an EU national; we're living and working in the UK. My husband changed employment in mid-July (still full-time and qualified to be in the UK).


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