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Here, the answers to five of our pressing breakup questions.Patti Says: Getting in shape is always the best revenge, but slow it down on cutting your hair or making a drastic change like tattoos or piercings, as that is way too extreme and, chances are you'll probably regret it.I couldn’t help searching the web for her book and some reliable reviews.Of course the first place I began my search was Google where I was linked to Amazon’s 2009 copy of Patti Stanger’s “Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate” with over 200 reviews. I did not read all 200 and something reviews but I did try to read a few from each star level to get opinions from all sides.A fresh new look with highlights, reviving facials, and hitting the gym to get a rosy glow will make him beeline for your door to do a do-over!Patti Says: The secret is to fill up on fiber-rich foods you love.

Unfortunately the buffer zone for getting a refund had past. I have since, before my membership ran out, deleted my Christian Mingle account.There are many good people in this city to date: ones that care, ones that call you back, ones that want a real relationship.It’s the negative thoughts that hold us hostage to repeating those bad dates.If we don’t believe things could be better, they never will be.Being open to possibilities when it comes to dating is key.I admit that watching Millionaire Matchmaker is one of my guilty pleasures.


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