Joomla content not updating

When having the SSL mixed content warning on your Joomla! site allows for good troubleshooting first: Disable Joomla!caching (or caching in third party extensions) so that the HTML-content you are inspecting, is actually generated by Joomla! Also disable Java Script and CSS compression methods like our own Script Merge plugin, or other extensions like Rok Gzipper and JCH Optimize.When a webpage is served over SSL, browsers will display a warning if extra content served on that webpage is not served over SSL. site is using HTTPS, but one of your template-images is linked through HTTP, then the browser will display this warning.When troubleshooting this, don't focus on the Joomla! extensions over-and-over again: This is a waste of time.Finally, Jen emphasizes the importance of backing up your Joomla!site, and explains how to create and store those backups.In this course, Jen Kramer shows how to use Joomla!to build a website from scratch—all without a single line of code.

In WAMP, find the icon in the system tray and click it.2. To do this, click on the WAMP icon in the system tray (the green W).

Everything is working well, except one problem that occurred recently. When enabled in Joomla, it delivers to the users a stored view of the web page, same as it was previously displayed, so it won't have to ask the database and reload content, thus it can speed up the speed load of a website and save resources on the server.

I am changing/updating content in the joomla backend and saving. Joomla provides the following caching levels: It stores a full copy of the rendered page. It is also disabled by default and can be accessed in the Global configuration - System.

Recently one of our users asked us why their Word Press website was not updating right away.

Basically any changes he made to widgets or new posts would not show up on the home page right away.


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