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These eleven women plunged into unbelievable sex stories land and lived to tell the tale (much to our delight).

In this gallery, you'll learn the truth of a Speedo's attractiveness (hint: it's low), and when it's appropriate to dress up like a super hero in order to seduce your date (second hint: never).

The stories are archived by date, and only the story title is listed.

One of the great things about this site is that the name and e-mail address of the author is available for each story.

She didn’t want to seem pleased at his misfortune, be it hacking or robbery.

A few hours passed easily before having to decide what to cook for lunch and more time melted away in the search for recipes, placing e Bay bids for a second-hand air fryer.If you are seeking an uninspiring book with endless lists of tips Clive Worth, the master of internet dating and sex, swiftly takes you to his bedroom and beyond as he applies his expert techniques on some of the world's most stunning women, some even less than half his age!If you are seeking an uninspiring book with endless lists of tips and tricks to be used by internet sex seekers then forget this book.Images of tree-lined beaches formed a row at the top of the screen. They approached and one tried selling him some tourist souvenirs. I’ll give you my best price.”While he was busy batting away the vendor, the other one plucked his bag from the chair and dashed off. She clicked through the images of pristine beaches and pictured those crooks escaping, toppling furniture and leaping over fences.She pictured him wearing sandals, his cheeks reddened by the sun. In one of their online chats on the dating website, he’d mentioned wanting to spend his retirement travelling. During their date, he had asked about hobbies again. ” The truth was, she didn’t know where her free time went.She had given up hope of hearing from him but here was his name in her inbox, three weeks after their date. “He-llo,” she sang to the screen, as her excitement built. “I am in Limassol, Cyprus and my bag containing my passport and wallet has been stolen. Please let me know if you can help.” It was an internet scam.


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