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Membership is completely free and anonymous so why not join today!Who We Are – Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jehovah Many who are in the process of leaving the Watchtower organization or are thinking of leaving may not want to think about religion.Watchtower, December 1, 1981 p.27) They are the instruments God is using to teach the world the deeper things of the scriptures.People are not to think for themselves but instead submit to the Watchtower Society teachings.

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Russell served as the president until he died in 1916.Finding a young lady or fellow who is a general at your neighborhood and who knows Bible review – isn’t generally so natural.With such a large number of individuals devoted to a materialistic lifestyle, it’s much simpler to meet individuals who are disregarding their deep sense of being and who ridicule confidence. I am looking for a man who is kind of energetic and love the same things I...Jehovah Witnesses Dating and Chat In case you’re searching for another approach to locate a sentimental dating accomplice who shares your religious convictions, look no more distant than Jehovah Witness Dating.Jehovahs Witnesses are told by this "Governing Body" that Scripture alone is insufficient to understand the things of God.


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