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But, while that may be true on the whole, it doesn’t necessarily make them the stronger sex. But this female strength isn’t just something that keeps them alive in the latter stages. Infant mortality is higher in boys than girls, across the world. Boys are biologically weaker and more susceptible to most diseases.

Read on to see what science has to say on the matter. It’s possibly down to differences in how placenta reacts to sex, although nothing is concrete.

Borisov’s Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party won 33 per cent of the vote, projections from polling institutes showed.

The Socialist Party (BSP), seen as closer to Russia, garnered 28 per cent. Whether Borisov, 57, the burly former firefighter and ex-mayor of Sofia with the common touch, can form a government - and one that lasts - remains to be seen.

The strangeness of this world exists in a constant state of fluidity, as it seems obsessively focused on the beauty, youth and depravity that exists outside the rules of mainstream society.

The men tell stories — some absurd, some mundane — but the film doesn’t try to parse through them for truth.

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Boyko Borisov, the karate-chopping comeback specialist of Bulgarian politics, appeared to have pulled it off again Sunday with the two-time premier’s pro-EU centre-right party coming first in a snap election.

A victory for the Socialists would have raised the prospect of the Nato member of 7.4 million people in south-eastern Europe tilting closer to Russia.

Many of the hustlers spend a lot of their earnings paying women for sex — one even falls in love, throwing his life and work off-balance.

The sexual fluidity works best when Chiha’s filmmaking style evokes mythology rather than reality.

If you look at strength as a mere physical ability, men generally have an advantage over women. And, by and large, this trend continues through childhood into adulthood.

After puberty, they have more muscle mass across the body. One factor that makes up strength is surely longevity. Studies have shown that women generally have stronger immune systems and can fight off diseases better.


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